Croc K32/Look 5

For some time now Karl Lagerfeld would design a fantastic Metiers d’Art collection each year. Some of the more memorable seasons included Paris-Londres, Paris-Shanghai, and Paris-Monte Carlo; the most recent one was Paris-Dallas. Aesthetically my favorite is a tie between Paris-Byzance and Paris-Bombay. Completely over the top yet so irresistible. But the one season that stands out prominently in my closet is actually Paris-Moscow, one of my most heavily collected seasons.

If only I’d snagged some tickets to the Olympics games in Sochi, Russia, I’d be all set…

Croc K32/Look 5: 09A Chanel jacket, GAP stretch straight pants, Massimo tank top, Gucci skyscrapers.

Speaking of the Olympics, I thought I’d do some “gymnastics” of my own, using the 10-seconds-3-shots self-timer on my camera as a way to capture the head-to-toe look:

I keep forgetting I’m not 19 anymore. Kids, don’t try that at home. It’s bad for your health.


  1. larkie

    hey Schol, this odj is more my speed. but those shoes… how do people wear stilettos all day?!

  2. larkie

    hi sandy, i’m a disaster when left to my own devices! i hope dressing up will always be this fun, even when i’m 70 🙂

  3. sandy

    The last few pictures made me laugh. You’re so cute! Makes me feel like you’re still a kid playing dress up- albeit in very expensive clothes. 🙂

  4. Scholastican

    Bang! Killer ODJ!

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