Two Meals, Two Bags

While I love posting photos of food from the road, it’s rare that I mention a restaurant by name. But sometimes an experience is so special, I have to make an exception. And today’s entry is actually about two meals, two bags.

The first one is the beautifully appointed Morimoto Waikiki. From the tiniest detail like the clear acrylic chopsticks to the overall white-white-mega-clean-lined big picture design, the restaurant is an inviting space that immediately promises all visitors a good time. It’s both romantic enough for a party of two and open enough for a large rowdy party like the one next to my table on the deck. I love everything about the way this place looks. If I ever build a house in Hawaii I would want my architect to walk through this restaurant for inspiration.

Service was equally excellent. I ordered the shrimp tempura roll and yellowtail sashimi,

followed by a melt-in-your-mouth fried Branzino fish (sea bass) with spicy tofu sauce and pickled papaya salad:

I prefer to not see the face of my food (nor tail)–primarily the reason why I do not eat anything that used to make a sound–but this is no time to be squeamish. Instead, I focused on my cool iced tea decanter with a built-in syrup dispenser:

Anyway, the bag that accompanied this meal was my Chanel grey caviar timeless clutch to match the All Saints chained tank:

All in all a great experience. And that’s why he’s Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

Somewhere back in downtown LA my dark gold classic flap got to enjoy another fabulous meal:

Way up on the 24th floor of the Ritz Carlton near LA Live is the WP24 restaurant which has both an open-seating lounge with gorgeous views and a more intimate formal dining room:

Downtown LA is not the most impressive skyline in the world, but dining against an aerial backdrop is always exciting. Wolfgang Puck’s mostly Asian and mostly seafood menu is right up my alley…er, belly. I could easily move into the Ritz Carlton and walk downstairs for dinner every night at the WP24. But then I wouldn’t be able to fit into my clothes much longer :D!

In the dining room you can order from a 3- or 4-course dinner. My starter was a lobster roll,

my entree was the Singapore style chili prawns,

and my dessert was the dark chocolate praline crunch with apple cider sorbet,

A lot of yummy food, considering that there were already two rounds of amuse bouche from the kitchen and cookies at the end. Can’t wait to come back here, but next time I’m trying out the lounge. In stretch pants.

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  1. Scholastican

    These dishes are perfection! Yum!

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