For Chanel, I Crawl

No matter where you live in LA, you learn to negotiate your daily life with traffic. At some point, you have to decide what events are worth a 90-minute crawl on the 405 (one-way) for a 60-minutes-ish event, followed by another slow drive home–and this is after a very long work day.

For Chanel, I crawl. Finally, finally I meet up with my friend R (the spy pics here are courtesy of her phone cam) at the boutique in Beverly Hills,

and off we go upstairs to check out the Cruise 2014 collection.

Between dodging from trays of champagne and canapes and checking out what season the other guests were wearing…

it was hard for me to look at the new collection carefully. I later find out from my sales associate that the real trunk show was happening the next day. Huge bummer since I prefer mulling over the entire collection at my own leisure than seeing a few ensembles in such a short amount of time.

But it was still a fun night since I found a dress that literally spoke to me from the hanger.

It said I am yours.

Didn’t take much nudging to get me to try it on. It will require some alterations around the shoulders, sleeves, and bust… and back… and hip, but oh yeah, a perfect match :D!

Shall we take a closer look? The top part and the flounce of the skirt are actually composed of leather strips. The tweed in the bodice is coated and has a subtle checkered pattern of black and off-black. Did I already say the dress whispered I am yours to me?

No, I do not hear voices in my head but some kind of chemical reaction always happens when I’m in that boutique. I could swear Karl Lagerfeld spends all his time designing stuff just for me. OK, I’m sure he doesn’t, but how do I explain why there’s a dream dress for me season after season?

Anyway, R and I left with nothing more than swag bags in hand as I’ll have to sleep on that dress decision a few nights more…

I am sure that dress meant every word it said though.

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  1. rose

    hey Larkie, i have been away and back. thats why late reply to ur mails.. i have now send you some limited runway collection pics i you might be interested in. Have been going thru your posts and very happy to ind e both own some o the same chanel jackets!!!

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