Hello, NYC! It’s always a lot of fun to see this town when spring is starting to blossom,

and the weather is just at the right temperature to wear all my knit sweaters and tweed jackets, minus the rain and snow that would not mix well with Chanel RTW! So in today’s entry, let’s enjoy the city for all its colors and for being such a great backdrop for some fashion shots:

As you may remember, that’s the 12A dream jacket I recently swooned over.

I love the flap bag that you see in these photos, but after a few days of running around the city, I now realize that if I ever become a NY girl, I would have to rely on a much bigger bag for daily use. Without a car, New Yorkers do have to schlep everything in their bags… especially because you never know when you might be in the mood to pick up a pizza for an impromptu picnic in the park :D:


  1. larkie

    thanks everyone for your (funny) comments! i totally miss having 20 yr old skin but i’ll settle for the thighs, LOL.

    stefy: that’s the 225 i’m carrying.

  2. stefy

    Happy Birthday! you’re beautiful! your bag is the 225 or 226?

  3. mtview

    The jacket looks great on you!

  4. Sandy

    Happy belated Birthday! You still have the thighs of a 20 yr old!

    Also, this is totally creepster, but if I saw you in those Chanel jackets on the street, I\’d have to seriously refrain myself from petting them. 😛 They are simply divine!

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