4/18 Club 2013 Meeting

Is it really mid-April already? As you can tell from my recent silence on this blog, I am still in serious need of 48-hour days. Does anyone know where I can order one of those online?

Anyway, the 4/18 Club 2013 meeting took place again this year in NYC. The third member of our club (my cousin S) was not in town so we got Lil A’s brother, Mr. T, to stand in. He is, after all, 15 months now and can hold his own in our rowdy club!

This year we did not have a rigid agenda like last year. Instead we had an open table discussion about fashion…

including a few outfit changes until Madame President threw up her hands and said “no más:”

So we turned to the topic of abstract art…

and really weird art. Yes, that’s our series of 10 Play Doh Doras. I’d pump them out and Lil A would be in charge of quality control; she’d examine each Dora and tell me if it was good enough to make the cut or not!

Then we had some excellent Dosas from a South Indian restaurant during our meeting break. For some reason I ended up giving Madame President a piggyback ride all the way back to her place after lunch. Yes, while wearing my Chanel coat and bag. That’s just how Lil A rolls. Even her carry people have to look sharp while serving her.

But at least I was amply rewarded with snuggles from this little guy:

So anyway, I’ll take these squeezes over the 48-hour days as a birthday present any time!

More pictures from the City in the next entry 😀


  1. Anonymous

    Awwww, Lil A and Mr. T. are adorable! Happy belated birthday to you guys!

  2. Piggy

    owww……Lil A is so pretty and the three of you look so good all together.

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