Prabal Gurung And The White Snake

Today marks the lunar new year’s day of 2013, or the year Quý Tỵ, which is the year of not just any snake but the great white snake. And if you’re a follower of my blog, you know I’ve got you covered (photographically speaking that is), right?

I’ve blogged before about the traditions that Vietnamese people follow for new year’s day, one of which is no buying/selling…basically no exchange of money unless it comes in the form of a red envelope (lì xì), or I guess for paying a restaurant tab since we like to eat out on this festive day. Anyway, the point is to not let money out since the first day of the year sets the trend/tone for what you want the rest of the year to be, i.e., make money instead of lose money.

But wouldn’t you know it, today is exactly the launch date for the Prabal Gurang-Target collaboration! So what’s a girl to do–stick with ancient superstitions or fight the crowd? Well, I had to go get OJ and eggs at Target anyway…

I just realized in looking at these photos that I got everything in almost the same print! Hmmm… there was also a very cute sweatshirt but I didn’t want to follow this other customer around the store for 30 minutes while she debated between keeping the XS or S. That’s definitely no way to start out the new year! I’ll just look for it online or at another store later :D.

While looking at the store displays I was thinking it’s kind of funny that the designer’s name rhymes with karung, which is a type of snake. So it actually makes perfect sense (and an ideal excuse) for me to celebrate Prabal Gurung and the white snake all on the same day! How’s that for my rationalization skills? I know, I’m grabbing at straws here.

Happy new year, everyone. May the white snake bring you more luck than his bretheren in my photos had…

PS: if you are a real stickler for details, you’ll note that these bags are actually made of python skin. But I do not know if Chanel uses snakeskin for bags anymore so the pythons will just have to stand in for the snakes today.

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  1. stefania (cielo 70)

    Happy new year to you too! Beautiful purchases. You’re number one!!


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