Home Is Where The Hat Is

So I’ve fallen off the face of the blogosphere in recent weeks, but that’s because I’m moving. Between the purging and packing and just general freaking out, I’ve barely had time to sleep much less write.

But a funny thing happened in the midst of all that stress yesterday so I thought I’d feature a few of my favorites from my Chanel hat collection.

I love hats, especially black tweedy ones. I know, they all look alike to you, but would you say that about your kids? Even if you had, erm, ten kids or more? Yeah, didn’t think so.

I remember the occasion on which I bought each of my hats, sometimes even with clarity the moments of wearing them.

But there was one that I loved in particular. A buttery suede shearling floppy hat that fit me perfectly. It was this one:

And one day it disappeared. I turned my house upside down looking for it. Did that every 6 months or so in the last few years. Blamed the loss on my carelessness, TSA people at airport security, housekeeping, everyone and no one but myself. I mourned it and bought more hats to fill the void. I moped and it was pathetic.

Then yesterday, in clearing out the very top shelf of my closet, I opened a seemingly empty humongous hat box, thinking I’d just throw it away since it was taking up space for no reason all this time. And guess what was hiding in it, under mounds of tissue paper? 😀

So I did a happy dance and immediately stopped grumbling about how much work it was to move. I’ll stop whining about the uncertainty of going to a new place. In my heart I know I’m always happy with change. And home is where the hat is.


  1. larkie

    hi irene! i’m obsessed with those brushes like the Clarisonic Mia (there are quite a few brands on the market). I use them at least every other day to exfoliate and find that to be the best tool so far for me as my skin ages. I was also loyal to La Mer products in my 20s/30s then dabbled in other brands when I hit 40…and now a few years later am going back to La Mer. I try to keep the routine fairly simple, with the main goal of always going to bed with a clean face. Mother Nature is unforgiving (esp in sunny climates) but sticking to a good routine does go a long way! I’ve read so much about laser but am scared to try it.

  2. larkie

    @SL: my offer still stands to help you reorganize your overflowing closet!!

  3. SL

    Happiness is finding “lost” items inside our own closet :). I’m searching everywhere in my house for a Miu Miu bracelet! Can’t seem to recall where I last left it! *sigh*

  4. irene

    Hi Larkie, you are getting prettier and you have flawless complexion, I want to have smooth skin as you but in humid Singapore where I from, no way. I survive with mild laser where I do it at least twice a week, haha!

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