My Photographic Me

Fashion magazines are definitely my one guilty pleasure, next to brain-draining (yet compelling!) reality shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After all, where else can I find over-the-top fashion all bundled up every time I have thirty minutes to spare? In a recent edition of Harpers Bazaar, of which I’ve been a faithful subscriber for over 20 years, there was a wonderful article called Portraits of the Artists. Designers submitted a single photo composed of signature articles that helped define their identity. Here are a few of the shots from Harpers:

We already know I’m a bit fixated on Karl Lagerfeld, but my favorite entry was by Alber Elbaz, the beloved artistic director for Lanvin:

Simple, understated, yet so well-defined. So it made me wonder, could I possibly post a single picture with no more than three articles that would somehow capture some essence of me? The short answer is no. I would have to do a bunch of pictures if I were limited to three items! I’m terrible at editing. But just for giggles, here’s the first attempt at my photographic me:

The Chanel t-shirt conveys my casual but hopefully still chic uniform most days. The iPhone because I’m a gadget nut and my life is in that one single device. And finally the earrings because I do believe diamonds (and emeralds) (and rubies) (you get the picture) are forever…it takes forever to save up for them! So I wear the heck out of them whether it’s appropriate or not.

How about you, what three things in your possession would create a photographic mosaic of you?


  1. SL

    I love your iPhone 5 wallpaper!

  2. Lauren

    Hi Larkie,

    I did just read that article and it was creative! For me, it would be my Nikon D700 camera, a photo of my 2 boys and a handbag (my Birkin / Chanel black flap?). Fun article!

  3. Latkesanddimsum

    Wow, those earrings are so stunning and unusual. I bet they look amazing on.

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