Family First

Not too long ago my dad confessed that he’d never changed any of our diapers. Ever. Three daughters, zero diaper changes. He would be the first to tell you that he was never the warm and fuzzy, hands-on father type, but for as long as I can remember, one single look of disapproval from him was enough to stop a temper tantrum (if I could bottle this method of discipline I might get rich). A hint of disappointment would send you packing to three miserable years of law school. But a smile of pride would last this daughter a lifetime and pull you through your most difficult hours.

A week ago we had my father hospitalized for a serious illness. When he gets well, I hope he’ll give me permission to write about our experience here, using my diary as a way to hopefully help other families that may be going through the same challenges.

It’s been an emotionally and physically brutal week for us here, especially for my mom and me, but once I was able to stop crying and process the shock of it all, I found my way into a secret hiding place, away from all the turmoil, where I could reflect on his quiet, immense strength. Perhaps after 71 years of rising to life’s toughest hurdles and overcoming all of them brilliantly, he just needed this time to be taken care of. As we, his nuclear as well as extended family, huddle around him now to cheer him on to his road to recovery, I try to temper the images in my mind of him in the hospital with those of his gentle smile, full of unspoken love for his family. This picture below was taken 3 Junes ago. I wish I could take us back in time and freeze that moment, when he was healthy, forever.

This is a tough Father’s Day, but what I’ve learned in these last ten days is that every day, and every moment, we are family first and everything else second. If you are lucky enough to have family in your life, show them you love them.


  1. scholastican

    Sending you and your father well wishes, MissL.

  2. Latkesanddimsum

    Larkie, wishing your father a speedy recovery. Sending my very best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Larkie, I hope that you and your father is able to recover quickly and I am sure that your support makes things better for him. It is difficult to see our parents as older, more delicate beings but they will still be our parents – stern looks and smiles.

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  4. Sabrina

    You already know what I would write. I will always be there for you. Get some rest when you get back to LA.

  5. Piggy

    Wishing your dad a speedy recovery, you and your family take good care of yourself so that your dad will be well soon.

  6. irene wong

    Hope your dad has a speedy recovery.
    Take care

  7. Jelita78

    Wishing for the very best to your father, your family and yourself larkie.
    Hang in there, girl.
    Take care, ok.

  8. April White

    Hope everything turns out great. Lost my Mom on May 5th; lost my Dad in the 80s. I have a half sister but don’t know where she is. Family was a bit strange when I grew up. Glad you have yours. Take care.

  9. KL

    Wishing your father the expedient recovery possible. As to the ‘Not too long ago my dad confessed that he’d never changed any of our diapers. Ever’ well this is a reflection of society, not your Dad at that time.
    If you ever get the means to bottle his child disciplinary ‘look’, I’ll buy shares…
    again, praying for your family’s speedy recovery.
    x KL

  10. Sophia

    Thanks for the very nice post, Larkie. Wising your dad a fast recovery. Take care of yourself and family.

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