Die By Gluttony

Eat, walk, photograph, drink, repeat. Though not necessarily in that order. But that’s basically my routine in Rome. The question, though, is where to eat. There are so many wonderful choices in Rome that sometimes I wish I had an extra stomach to accompany my hungry eyes.

As a long time fan of TripAdvisor, I decided perhaps just once I’d put my fate in its community’s collective hands and try out the top ranked restaurant at this website. And on the day I logged on to TripAdvisor, Ristorante Eleonora D’Arborea was numero uno out of some 3900 listed restaurants. I read through the first five pages of reviews and made an online reservation. I knew I should order its celebrated hot/cold appetizer specialty and lobster pasta. I just didn’t take any of the comments seriously that it was truly possible to die from gluttony! There were 5 or 6 dishes for that seafood hot/cold appetizer:

So it really is true that too much of good thing can sometimes be…well, too much. And still, I went for the lobster:

Oh, check out this seafood gnocchi also:

So about 2.5 hours into my struggle with finishing the food, they bring out more vino and home-made cookies…

then chocolate souffle:

It’s official. I need a stomach staple. Better yet, find me a blindfold as I walk through the streets of Rome…


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