ODJ: 4/18 Club Third Annual Meeting

So for the 4/18 Club meeting this year, we all convened at Lil A’s parents’ new apartment for the weekend and for a Princess-themed party. The best surprise was having the third member of our club, my first cousin S, also show up for dinner one night. In all the excitement, however, I forgot to take any pics. What a shame as it’s not every day you have three family members with the same birthday in the same room!

Anyway, Club President Lil A started the three-day annual meeting with a breakfast pow wow. The dress code was casual PJs and the guest speaker was Mr. T. We’re still comparing notes on his speech–terribly hard to focus on content when the speaker is so cute:

Then the conference really kicked into gear with topics like “culture through exercise” (her management style is clearly leading by example)…

“dressing for success” (so you see the mini 2.55 flap is perfect whether you are 3 or 5 ft tall)…

“saving the world economy, one ice cream cone at a time,”

and “balancing family with work” (note my bag and shoes on Madame President)…

All very relevant topics in these challenging times for a modern woman. Our marathon meeting ended with a fabulous party overrun by toddlers dressed up as princesses and dragon slayers. Here’s Lil A with her BFF, Lil R (my mom made Lil A’s dress!):

Lil A got tons of pressies and sweets today, but I think her best present of all is having two very loving if sleep-deprived parents:

I was lucky enough to get Mr. T to pose with me in his black tie (What? Don’t you show up in a tux for these shindigs? What are you, a Barbarian?) before he passed out. His gift to the world? Lookin’ handsome, of course!

So I know the title of today’s entry is the ODJ, so here we go…

ODJ: 4/18 Club Third Annual Meeting. Kors black top, some random $15 (no joke) black cropped jeans, JP Tods flat slingbacks, Chanel 2.55 mini dark silver flap. Lil A is in a smocked sundress and DVF for GapKids espadrilles.

After the party we all headed back upstairs and I got ready for my Trans-Atlantic flight. This final pic of Lil A basically sums up my life on the road, consisting of a stuffed suitcase and one tiny handheld gadget…

Wonder what we’re doing for the fourth annual meeting!


  1. Piggy

    oh my, they definitely dun look 70s at all. You got their good skin, so you will definitely have that part of genes too….:)

  2. larkie

    ^thanks Piggy!! my parents are just entering their 70s. knock on wood i can look that good when i get to their age!!

  3. larkie

    S! i know, she seems to grow three inches each time i see her! wish we could keep them tiny forever!!

  4. Piggy

    Yes, the family shot are so beautiful, everyone look so good. How old is your parents? They so good!

  5. Sabrina

    Love the family pic with everyone. Can’t believe how much Lil A has grown! My goodness.

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