Marni, Part Dos

So after sorting through the Marni for H&M loot over the weekend, I was only able to keep a few pieces that actually fit properly (the polka dotted jackets and tees). This led to a lot of self-kicking for not being able to score the accessories, which I was told were the first to go at the launches. But before leaving the store last week I did get on the wait list for the two totes in their window display. I was told that they would start calling people on the list first thing Monday morning and work their way down. I’d have an hour to come pay for it.

I got the call Monday at 9:45am; the African print tote was mine if I still wanted. Hello?!? Yes, I still wanted it! Ten minutes later, I got the second call. The tan leather tote was also available since everyone ahead of me had passed on it. I did two happy dances on the way out the door!

Love the printed interiors:

The totes are well made, very roomy/wide, and will be great for the plane, train, or long car rides. Best of all, they can be stored flat as shown in today’s first two photos. I got very lucky with Marni, part dos. And I’m done; there won’t be a part tres!

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