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You know how I always preach about the one-in-one-out rule…that before I bring home a new bag I have to let another one go? Sometimes it helps with the guilty conscience but often it just fuels seller’s remorse. Let’s talk about the latter. Remember the 2008 reissue camera bag that I adored in black and gray?

Yep, I got rid of both of them. I felt sick as soon as I boxed them up. But nausea and all, I did the same to this gorgeous deep, dark chocolate brown caviar tote from 2010:

Yes, more pangs and deep sighs. But as you know by now, the fashion gods and I have a decent rapport. So within the last couple of months, they admitted me into the bag buy back program (BBBP) and I re-found the black medium camera bag (brand new with tags!) which I featured a few days ago on my disastrous golf outing:

Bad golf, good bag. Still looking for the grey version also in the medium size. I think the large size was too heavy for me, as much as I loved carrying it:

What about the large brown tote, you ask? Well, just when I thought it couldn’t happen, I hit another jackpot with this (totally fictitious) BBBP and found a brand new one from a reseller when it’s been sold out for months now at the stores. The black version is still available at some stores, but it was the dark chocolate that I missed:

Yummy and delicious! It’s coming with me on my trip next week. So what’s the moral to today’s story? Well, none actually. Usually there are no regrets after a bag leaves my closet because there’s something else to replace it. But next time, I should think hard about a bag that I do use a lot before letting it go for something possibly prettier but also more frivolous.


  1. larkie

    fingers crossed!! thanks Jel!

  2. Jelita78

    Theres one medium grey camera case on ebay!!
    Just the one u r looking for!
    The auction number is 251078283264
    Go larkie, go!!

  3. jelita78

    just to let u know that there’s one medium grey reissue on ebay at $1600 starting bid.
    but i believe this is the metallic grey..
    not quite like yours.

  4. lightdays

    I remember the times when I sold several of my bags before finding one that I really love. You look amazing with your grey camera reissue, but sometimes you just have to sell them.

  5. larkie

    anonymous: i don’t think it had any particular name, just a tote. i’m afraid i don’t have the style number for it anymore though i know it’s still available in black at NM for 2650.

  6. larkie

    Jel: ya the med grey is a bit hard to come by these days, but trolling we must on ebay…never know what turns up! GL on your hunt, too!

  7. larkie

    Lisa D: there’s no such thing as a BBBP except in my crazy imagination lol. i just mean that sometimes i sell a bag to fund a new bag, get terribly remorseful, and then end up buying back the same bag i sold either at the store or through a reseller.

  8. Jelita78

    There’s one grey reissue on ebay now.
    But thats the large size.
    No sign of the medium ones yet.
    I’ll be on the lookout for u.
    As i am hunting for the large black like what u had and theres only medium ones on ebay.
    Living like a hunter! Hahaha

    P/s: for that Anon: there’s a large brown tote and black too on ebay at the moment

  9. Lisa d

    I just read your blog…love your bags. Can you tell me about the BBBP

  10. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Ive definitely had my eye on those reissue bags for a while. I’ve also looked over my stuff and wondered hat to keep and sell – it is hard to let go!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  11. Anonymous

    What is the name of that choc bag?

  12. Anonymous

    What was retail price of the brown chocolate bag? I dont remember it in stores.

  13. Christine

    You are so lucky Larkie!! Now just for the grey reissue camera bag! Hope it finds you really soon!!

  14. April

    It’s the dilemma of all fashionistas, unfortunately…….[sigh]

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