Unwrap And Unpack

As you can see from this first photo, I’ve made it home to reunite the bag with the boots. It’s a yummy bag, isn’t it? Sidebar: I think I want a horse for Xmas.

Speaking of which, sales season is in full swing but I’m still scrambling to catch up since Christmas is already this weekend and I won’t be able to beat the deadline. Looks like Santa Larkie will be late this year. I hope you are all in better shape than I am, with your cards sent out and presents wrapped. As for me, I’ve only managed to unwrap and unpack most of the suitcases and packages that arrived while I was away. It still looks like a disaster area in my house till I can toss all the cardboard boxes.

So as I’m still trying to get back on track, today I’ll just share with you a few of the goodies that I came home to…looks like I wasn’t quite done with Missoni just yet (!):

I also have the suitcase in the other color but will now have to look for the matching tote. I can’t wait to break these bags in on the next trip. My friend, whom I’ll just call Santa, scored so much loot for me, including full sets of the mugs and martini glasses…

and throws and totes. But the #1 score of the year for me has to be the bike at 70% off. Hands down, she wins shopper of the year award from me :D:

It is a woman’s bike, but I think I need to wear 4″ heels to ride it as it’s a bit too tall for me. As if! It’s going in my office as decoration. It’s much too cute to get dirty from actual usage!

More fun photos of clothes and accessories in the next entry :D.


  1. larkie

    ^lol! Happy holidays everyone!!

  2. Sandy

    Larkie, Glad you got it! 🙂 Now that you have both sets, it would look adorable (a bit cheesy, yes) if you and your husband both carried matching luggage. 😛 Happy Holidays!

  3. Scholastican

    Whoa Nelly! You’ve hit the Missoni motherlode! Enjoy you loot, and happy holidays MissL =)

  4. larkie

    Sandy, many thanks for the tip–i just ordered the travel tote to go with my suitcase. yay! now i’m finally done lol!

    as for the bike, she got it from her local store. the stores seem to mark things down differently from the online store, so it’s sort of hit-or-miss. i really wish i were 3 inches taller though!!

  5. larkie

    Sab! Looking forward to our shopping date!!

  6. larkie

    Jel: happy holidays to you and yours, too!!

  7. Sandy

    Hey Larkie, I literally just flipped through the remaining Missoni online and that tote with the color pattern is still available online. I love my brown ottoman from the line. I’ve been struggling with myself to get a few more but I don’t want to overdo it by getting too many.

    I’ve been looking for a bike. Not necessarily the missoni one but I didn’t realize they were on sale! Makes me want to go to my nearest store! How did your friend get it?!

  8. Sabrina

    I am starting my Cmas shopping tomorrow so you’re not behind at all, lol. Welcome back!

  9. Jelita78

    It’s like santa sent the missoni treasure chest to u !
    Those stuffs are totally awesome !
    Ho ho ho
    Happy holidays to u Larkie !
    And yeah, i agree, u desperately need a horse!

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