Finally Done

This time last year I was frantically chasing down ready-to-wear on sale. This year, I am more or less sidelined because even the items on my Chanel wish list turned out to be not so exciting (or cute) once I saw them in person. Interestingly enough, some of the things I’ve liked most are not the tweed jackets but basics that I can wear on the road, such as this slouchy beanie and scarf set

and a cool black turtleneck with leather strips on the sleeves:

One of my favorite things to wear is a simple pencil skirt. This fall JCrew did a whole slew of knee-length pencil skirts in beautiful tweeds, and I lucked into finding them all on sale last week at 60% off! More on the topic of skirts in the next entry…

On one of my insomniac nights last month I customized these Converse sneakers at their website, and 4 weeks later they showed up. The monograms turned out to be bigger than I anticipated, but I love the patent leather:

The grey pair matches my tote:

Did you notice the Missoni for Target pouf in the photo above šŸ˜€ ? Speaking of which, I’ll close out today’s entry with a pic of my velour hoodie/shorts set:

I promise I’m finally done with the Missoni hunt!


  1. Anonymous

    HI, Larkie,
    Thanks so much for your quick reply.
    Too bad the patent leather is not available any more. I really want something that’s metallic color too. Hope they will offer this option again in the future.
    Enjoy your converse. Isn’t it nice and fashionable especially you travel so much.


  2. larkie

    hi Elle! sadly that patent leather option is no longer available. i just tried to customize a pair for a friend and saw that they only have the regular leather colors now šŸ™

    but yes, i started with the chuck taylor leather ones. although plain leather isn’t as snazzy, i think the color saturation actually looks a lot better in real life than with the patent version, so it’s not a bad option either if you want to give it a go! it’s so much fun to design šŸ˜€

  3. Anonymous

    HI, Larkie,
    Thanks for sharing your customized converse. It’s such a good inspiration. I wanted a pair in patent leather with metallic tonge too. But I couldn’t find both the options from their web site. If u have time, may i know where can I find the fabric option? I assume we should start with the chuck taylors leather one, right? I don’t see a choice of patent and metallic color. Please help. I appreciate it.


  4. larkie

    Merry Christmas, April!! Will you be having a white Christmas where you are?

  5. April

    I got the hoody but not the shorts. Too cold to wear them here anyway. Congrats on all your other items. Nice haul. Merry Christmas!

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