Conversion Confusion
photo courtesy of Hermes

I’ve never been a person of precision; don’t really follow recipes exactly when I cook (pinch here, pinch there, and then I wonder why it doesn’t always taste the same or…good) or always take the most exact route somewhere. Things become even more challenging when there’s metric conversion involved. For example, while setting up the treadmill here, I confused 2.2 km for every 1 mile with the actual 1.6 km (it’s 2.2 pounds for every 1 kilogram, isn’t it?) and then wondered why it took me longer than usual to pass the measly 2-mile mark. But at least in my conversion confusion I managed to run a bit more than I’d planned on, which then turned out to be a very good thing since that day ended with another case of food coma…

Do you suspect that I am really moonlighting as a food critic in Europe? Er, maybe not, but sometimes some good Thai food really hits the spot.

But OK, what’s with the first photo, you ask ? Well, after several disappointing visits to the few Hermes boutiques around here, all I managed to bring home was the winter catalog cum magazine,

which has some very nice articles to practice my reading comprehension. But alas, it is that photo on page 70 that requires no French language skills to appreciate its essence:

So they’ll continue to tease and tempt and torture me with these exotic Birkins…with none available for purchase. I still want the “boutique experience” with the first Birkin, so there’ll be more unhappy store visits until the right one comes along. And I suppose when it does, I might have to take it with me even on the treadmill!


  1. Donna

    *Sigh…Birkin oh Birkin…
    It’s been my dream bag for ages and hopefully it’ll be reality in a few years when I’m comfortable to fork over that kinda money. In the meantime I’m passing on some good luck to you that the Hermes gods will find you the perfect croc Birkin soon. This way I can drool over your pictures.

  2. larkie

    Jel: i always prefer the more casual take of the birkin to the more formal kelly, but yes, i also fancy the way an exotic kelly looks…just need to win the lotto first! LOL.

  3. Jelita78

    Birkin oh birkin..
    Where are thou?
    I think i may take another 25 years to get one, as that is when i’ll be able to spend my pension fund.
    But till then, i’m gonna be living my dream through u larkie.
    Gooooo larkie!! Gooo get that birkin!!
    Woot wooottt !
    Although i do see u more as a kelly lady instead.
    Have u considered the hermes kelly croc candy perhaps?

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