The Kaiser Has Landed

I was pretty excited when I first heard about the Karl Lagerfeld/Macy’s mash-up, but as the photos made their way across the fashion blogosphere, I was thinking my wallet would be safe on this collaboration. The release date (yesterday, I believe) came and went, and it wasn’t only until my sister said something to me today that I remembered to let my phone do all the legwork.

After a few calls to some local Macy’s stores near me, I popped in to do the “touch” test. The gal who answered the phone was able to set aside a few pieces in XS for me. It wasn’t hard to find her as there was signage everywhere to indicate that the Kaiser has landed. But to be honest, if there weren’t a grouping of shirts with Karl’s image on them I would not have been able to differentiate them from any other collection that was also on the floor. Nothing yelled out to me in terms of style, fabrication, or…well, just KL. Lots of ho-hum black separates, and only this pop of color beckoned me to take a picture:

The tshirts and tanks were the only things on my list, and they all turned out to be too long. Maybe I wasn’t in a buying mood because of the heat (and traffic) during my drive over to the store. Or maybe–and who knew I’d ever say this out loud–I just wasn’t feeling this uninspired stuff from Karl.

This is the only item that came home with me…and it’s for my virtual bff:

Don’t quit your day job, Karl. I love your work so much more at Chanel :D.


  1. April

    Thanks for saving me the trouble, Little Missy. I didn’t figure that KL could actually translate to Macys with any distinguishment. Glad I didn’t bother. Now wondering how great the Target deal will be with Missoni on board. I have a hair appt. that day so I’d have to hit Target at 8am, and just not sure I’m that excited about it. We’ll see.

  2. SL

    I am so gutted. Was so excited when you first told me about KL’s collaboration with Macy’s.

  3. Jelita78

    Sounds ‘mehhh’ to me..

    U r right, just stay in Chanel, dear Karl..

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