Skirt #3

We’ve been having a heat index of triple digits here in my part of the world, and I can see people literally walking around in slow motion. The brain functions at half capacity and the body is twice as sluggish. Let’s see if I can even put more than three sentences together in today’s entry!

So let’s kick off this week with this skirt #3, a fun red/white tweed number from the 11P collection. For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of color, I have quite a few red skirts. Not sure what that’s about, but they are actually rather versatile both for work and play. I had circled in on this look very early on when the runway photos first came out for this collection (photo below courtesy of

And while I can totally put together many different outfits by breaking the ensemble up, it’s one of the few suits that I actually enjoy wearing together…


  1. Donna

    Larkie! I love the Chanel suit on you. It looks 1000x better on you than on the model! Maybe pair it with a strand of black Tahiti pearls to give it some contrast? I haven’t stopped by your blog for awhile but I hope you’re doing well and staying fabulous as always.

  2. larkie

    Jel: if i had legs up to my neck i’d wear mini skirts all day long LOL. but ya, just below the knee is what i’m most comfortable with.

  3. Jelita78

    I think the skirt length looks much better on u rather than above the knee of the model pictured.
    The pink shade is sooo feminine, i bet u could rock it with a pink petal blouse and that beige chanel flap.. Hmmm

  4. larkie

    hi K! i love the feathered vest under the jacket, but it’s too much to wear them all at the same time….maybe if i were 5’10 i could do it :D.

  5. Katherine

    I think this suit looks great together! Would you ever consider including the feather piece with it too?

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