Gucci Espadrille

While some of you were busy cheering or booing LeBron James in Game Six last night, I was partly doing that and partly looking over more shoes that have arrived from sales. The only pair of 3 that came since my last post and that actually fits is the patent nude Gucci espadrille you see above.

What do you think, close enough of a match with that previously mentioned and impossible to perfectly match beige claire flap?

If shoes aren’t your thing, I’ll have RTW eye candy for you later as more goodies show up next week!


  1. Katherine

    Lovely shoes! Can’t wait to see what you scored from RTW! 🙂

  2. larkie

    hey D, i actually found a pair of ysl tributes today that i think might actually be the perfect match for the beige flap! but the price was so painful i have to sleep on it!

  3. d

    Good call on the Guccis! Matchy-matchy! Like you, I didn’t find any cute footwear during this sale season. Did cash in the Miu Miu glitter heels though (LUV)!!! But then again, I’m a boot sorta gal! Can’t wait to see what the FedEx truck shows up with at your front door! Ding-dong?!

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