Uh Oh In Paris

If I’m going to be absent here in the next 72 hours at least you know where I am. I’ll come back with a full report from Paris in a few, but I can quickly say that the weather is perfect and the city is as beautiful as I remembered it. Suffice it to say for now, on my first day here, I’ve already been to a few of my favorites places in this city…

and, well…uh oh in Paris…

Let’s hope this “uh oh” here is not as bad as the one in NYC!


  1. larkie

    hi CC&L! yes, vat refund is quite tempting! but the worst part is dealing with funny money. the numbers (in euros) look deceptively low until i do a quick conversion on my phone and remember than chanel is just expensive wherever i go :D!

  2. larkie

    ^thanks April. I hope your bday was a good one, too!!

  3. April

    Happy Birthday, little sister!

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