Château de Franc-Waret

It’s tax day in the US today and while some of you are running around trying to beat the deadline, I’m also running around like a glutton for punishment. Because yes, to get to visit another castle–this time it’s the “working” castle, Château de Franc-Waret in Fernelmont, Belgium–

I’d have to cross through lots of fields and gardens in all their green splendor, full of pollen:

Can you imagine being born into such an estate? Yes, it’s good to royalty by chance but the burden of maintaining a place like this!

But that’s probably why this is a working castle. It’s used for large events and for filming. This wing houses a large restaurant to cater any function…

and this is a more recently constructed addition to hold parties:

Those two puppies in the first photo were only a couple I could catch out of a litter of 3 (and their mommy made 4) with my camera. One had a broken front paw, but he barked the loudest to make up for his deficit. He also enjoyed the belly rub the most :D. They were all scurrying around the property with the groundsmen, enjoying the fresh cut lawn and even the water around the moat.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather be one of these puppies than a modern royalty who inherited the tax bill on this place!


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