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All right, so you’ve all given me lots of food for thought. I’m leaning toward most of your suggestions about wearing heels with it to lengthen the look as anything with a peplum can make me look both shorter and wider, and that’s about as attractive as it sounds! Anyway, as requested by some comments, below are photos of the jacket on me as a visual aid for your styling tips.

If I button the jacket completely, all you see is a black jacket:

And if I leave the last two buttons undone, you can see the colorful lining under the peplum as I walk:

This jacket was purchased one size up from my usual then altered to fit like a 34. But looking at the runway photos in the last blog entry, I see that it’s meant to be worn even more snugly on top so that the peplum is really pronounced. But this girl’s gotta be able to breathe so I think I’ll leave it the way it is.

So like last time, I’ll cull through all of your ideas, test them out and then post result pics!


  1. karenP

    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog, larkie. Am looking forward to seeing this jacket with some of these suggestions. It is a lovely jacket but definitely more difficult to wear than some of your others !

  2. larkie

    isjn: i guess if i looked like claudia schiffer i would wear the jacket like that with a smile, too, haha.

  3. larkie

    ok you are all starting to scare me, lol! so many great ideas that i hope i can live up to!! but i do have a few scenarios now in my head and will try my best to meet some of your expectations!!! 😀

  4. Lisa

    I like the idea of black crops, either cigarette or flick hem. With the pics as visual aid, I have a hard time seeing it with jeans of any sort, although my first reaction to your initial post was to suggest destroyed jeans and a ribbed tank. 🙂 Now that I see it, though, I think something a bit more polished is called for. So, maybe cropped trousers with a silk tank in a color that matches one of the colors in the lining?


    Cropped leather flick hems from The Row:

    Cropped cigarettes from Kate Spade:

  5. Donna

    Yay for visual aids! I see what you mean about peplum can make you look shorter/wider without heels. I think the trick to avoid the shorter/wider look is to keep the bottom snug or show off some legs by paring it with a skirt or a snug sheath dress. You should pair it with a pair of nude heels to further elongate the legs if you go the skirt/dress route. Nude heels does wonders! Christian Louboutin makes some awesome nude patents that are TDF! The very prive and decollete are 2 of the more “walkable” and comfortable style. Check them out if you don’t already have a pair of nude heels. The sequin pants that isjn posted would look awesome as its a snug fit. In theme with sequins to dress it up, why not check out the sequin dresses by Alice&Olivia and sequin skirts. I also think Herve Leger bondage dresses and skirts would look awesome with the jacket if you feel like shopping as there’s a F&F even coming up and sales are up to 70% off 🙂 Check out the thread on HL on TPF wardrobe section for more info. For a more casual outfit, using your visual aid as an example, you can leave the jacket unbuttoned and wear a whimsical piece underneath like your Lanvin for H&M t-shirt and throw on a pair of wedges. You can also add a sparkly brooch to the jacket to jazz it up a bit too. I’m looking forward to seeing what outfit combination you come up with.

  6. jelita78

    i really don’t get the ruffles on the inside jacket thingy..
    i mean, what’s it for?
    even on the runway, the models didn’t show it off even to the slightest bit..
    so, how you are wearing it is really the way.. i think..
    i guess, maybe it was made just for the wearer to know and others, don’t bother to find out..
    unless if it is reversible.. can it?

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