FIMTSO: The Black Tshirt

Many people fall off the new year’s resolutions wagon by this second week in January, so along that spirit, in today’s FIMTSO episode, I’m cheating a little bit by featuring an item that’s new to my closet. Today’s test item is the something-something I alluded to at the end of the last blog’s entry. But I know that if you are like me, you already have a few black t-shirts in your wardrobe. And if you are really like me, you’re always searching for that next perfect tee, the one that fits just so and that you hope will not lose its shape after the first cleaning.

Test Item: CHANEL 10A wool black t-shirt with embellished trims. LOVE the leather braided into the trim!

Work Look: I’m pairing the tee with a black/white checked tweed skirt from the 09P season. The sweet grey ribbon trim on the skirt actually throws me for a loop each time I put on this skirt–do I match the shoes to the colors on the tweed or to the grey ribbon?? (And who else but Karl would put light grey on black and white?!) But today I’m finishing off the look with the patent black Manolos. Speaking of shoes, at the top of my buy list is a pair of black heels. I think I like the peep-toe, platform pair from Chanel’s cruise 2011 collection, but I’m also still gaga over the YSL pair I saw last week. Hmmm…

Casual Look: We love to layer in Southern Cal so it’s only fitting to slip a slim, grey cotton Mossimo hoodie ($15 from Target!) under my tee. The Gucci grey herringbone tweed pants and black Manolo watersnake boots complete my look. It’s my comfy-casual alternative to jeans and sneakers.

Glam Look: I’ve seen all the great American designers do this look, pairing a formal skirt with a simple t-shirt. So in this third combo I take my cues from Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors (and actually a nod to Ms. Herrera as well), and Donna Karan and pair the tee with a long, bronze, crinkly Nicole Miller skirt. This skirt was actually a dress that I had altered into a skirt (see before and after pics below). I must be in a reptilian mood because in this last look, I’m featuring the Prada python slingbacks.


  1. Anonymous

    I must know what season the Chanel cardigan was from from look 3 on the “Chanel Overdrive?” entry. Please, please, please! 🙂

  2. Lisa

    That skirt is stunning! And I’m excited to participate in the CC. Hmm …

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