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If you’ve ever looked around my home page, you’ve probably seen the Couture Counsel (“CC”) link under the Pages section. One of my 2011 resolutions is to give my blog both a cosmetic makeover and a navigational tuneup so that I could expand/use the CC section as well as make the blog more user-friendly for readers who may want to research some of the places I’ve written about for their own trips. I’ve received many helpful suggestions from readers and can’t wait to begin renovating this blog!

But for today, as a way to introduce something I’d like to feature at the CC section, I’m posing a question to all you fashionistas. When I mentioned yesterday that I always have a problem with how to wear that tweed skirt, I’d like to know how you would complete this look for me. So far I’ve got the skirt, shoes, and bag. But what goes on top? I’ve thought white…but is that too stark given the injection of the burgundy in the shoes? I don’t feel right wearing a black top with those shoes…but I don’t have a pair of solid grey heels, so let’s pretend it’s the only pair of shoes I have that remotely go with this skirt. And here’s a close up of the black/white tweed fabric and the shade of grey on the trims:

Questions, questions…you see where I’m going with this.

So basically, your mission in this feature is to take the specific key items I provide–skirt, shoes, bag–

and help me find the right top to finish the look. Hopefully with your comments, I will be able to find something you suggest in my closet and then I’ll post the finished look in a later entry. And if this turns out to be a fun feature, I’ll be asking you to submit your own questions so that the rest of us armchair stylists can give you our five cents.

I’ll be here in my closet, waiting for your couture counsel…


  1. Carolyn

    What about blush pink? Pink and grey are my favorite combo.

  2. Lisa

    I am seeing very pale aqua, pale mint green, pale yellow, or polka dots (e.g., Anthropologie’s Freckled Blouse). I’m interested to see what you put together!

  3. larkie

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I’ll photograph a few looks based on your ideas and we can see what works!! This is fun :D.

  4. Eunice

    I think burgundy would be great too. Or the safe option would be something silver-grey.

  5. Eileen

    tough one Larkie but the skirt is so gorgeous with the grey reissue!!!

    I was thinking maybe the grey quited flats that you have would make great shoes to match but I think the length of the skirt makes it look a little formal so the heels should stay. Burgundy is a great neutral which goes with grey and so I am thinking maybe a burgundy cardi over a plain white cami.. J crew now has this colour henna which I think will be perfect!

  6. Jelita78

    Ok, just staand still at the closet and move to the green section, honey..
    Yeah, u heard that right..
    I’m talking green – army dark green to be exact.. I don’t know why but i sort of have this images of greyish and greenish blend together in my head.. I’m prettyyy sure i’m not color blind or whatsoever, but yeah, perhaps color crazy if u might say..
    Oh wait, didn’t u have some kind of army jacket seen before? Pair that up with a grey sleeveless top perhaps..
    Ok, hmmm.. Let test the assembly up.. Either Karl will faint, or, make you his muse.. Bahahahaaha

  7. April

    Black, white, gray or burgundy.

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