There’s a Coast Tram running about 42 miles from one end of the Belgian coast– De Panne (French border)–to the other–Knokke-Heist (Dutch border). For 5 euros you could hop on and hop off in any of the towns in between for the day, which means there’s no time to waste. So right after an early breakfast I cut through the morning market in the town square…

and make my way to the Marie-Joseplein stop

for my tram:

And my first stop is Blankenberge:

There are five stops in Blankenberge, and of all the ones to pick, I alight at the one that’s literally on the dunes:

The sand is really no place for pants!

After some 30 minutes of empty coastline I reach the boardwalk…

where there’s a velodrome…

and the long pier that you could see in my cartwheel picture above:

From the pier I walk back into Blankenberge’s town center…just as all the tourists are jostling for lunch…

I’m still full from breakfast and in the warm sun all I really want is some sorbet in a flavor I haven’t tried.

Looks like there are several flavors I haven’t tried :D!


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