I’ve been invited to visit the beach towns along the North Sea so I pack a small overnighter and hop yet another train to the town of Oostende:

The last time I was here, it was freezing cold and I had the entire boardwalk to myself. On this occasion, however, the entire country of Belgium is on the beach. It’s warm enough for shorts but still a bit chilly when the wind blows so I have no choice but to dress in a bipolar sort of way: long sleeved swimsuit cover in a thin cotton fabric. Actually it’s a bit of a fashion disaster with all the Liberty prints on at once 😀 :

On a totally unrelated note, this is the first time I see eggs cooked sunny-side-up on a pizza:

The seafood pizza is more my speed…

By sunset it’s downright cold, so we all huddle as we catch a live concert on the beach:

In the next entry we’ll visit a neighboring town.


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