Summer 2010 Trip: Look 2

So Look 2 is really a way for me to eyeball how I might be able to use some of the tanks/shirts I’m packing for the hot weather.

Summer 2010 Trip: Look 2
Ann Taylor Loft white denim sailor pants, JCrew black ruffled tank, JCrew silk tank, Chanel cotton tank, Tory Burch navy lawn cotton shirt, and leather Converse sneakers.

I’m throwing a golden yellow raw silk scarf into the mix:

I really love these limited edition Kurt Cobain black leather converse sneakers…

but they haven’t been broken in yet, so I think I’ll either bring the dark navy leather pair or black suede pair that I have worn before instead…unless there’s enough room and I can sneak in a second pair of sneakers. But that’s how it always starts, leave the bag open for an extra pair of shoes and all of the sudden they multiply to ten pairs! I must resist the impulse. I must resist the impulse.

I must resist the impulse.


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