Summer 2010 Trip: Look 1

Back in December of 2009, before my last trip overseas I previewed a few looks at this blog while I was in transit to Europe and North Africa. It was an interesting exercise in planning and then executing once I reached my destination. Truth be told, it’s always as hit and miss fashion-wise as it is with most other plans that I try to make on a long trip. What is it that people say…plan and the gods laugh?  But what I have learned from the last experience is that I am a horrible packer! I’m very organized with my checklists but surely all the fashion notions in my head before the trip end up lost in translation once I reach some of the locales. But live and learn is my motto, so let’s just see how some of these looks that I’ll be revealing over the next few days will fare on this trip.

Summer 2010 Trip: Look 1 Besides the requisite LBD and black suit that get packed on almost all trips, this first ensemble is a Gucci silk jersey with a leather halter collar, black Fendi platform sandals, and theory black ankle pants. These pants will be my lifesaver on the road.


  1. mtview

    Can’t wait to see the final reveal. Always on the hunt for a good travel friendly messenger bag…

  2. larkie

    ha! you’ll have to wait to see the bags revealed from the road. but what i can say is that all of the outfits you’ll be seeing the next few days will all match the bags ;-). No wonder some people buy only black bags!

  3. jelita78

    very niceeeeee….
    never seen anything like it before.. the leather halter, rocks!

    hmm.. what’s the bag, again?

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