Shoe Bonanza

Confession time. I started the FIMTSO series because I’m supposed to stop buying (shoes especially) in bulk. By bulk I mean more than one pair of a particular style…hence, the reference to Imelda Marcos. But the universe is doing all it can to help me keep Imelda’s tradition alive. In fact, the Louboutin post a few days ago was just a hint of the shoe disease eating its way through my wallet this sale season. Because here’s how it’s manifested itself once more…in the guise of some JCrew sandals:

Umm…if I had a black suede bag you’d also see the same sandal in black suede next to it because yes, I got 3 pairs of the same sandal. What’s with the number 3 anyway! But in my defense, I have to say I got a great deal on these sandals. A week of your Starbucks habit pays for my sandals. OK, maybe two weeks.

But you know, if I should get to the point where I can beat this shoe disease, there’s already someone else in my family to carry on Imelda’s torch. Check out my niece Lil A’s shoe bonanza. Her mom just got her 3 (or 5…the girls in my family don’t like to count) pairs of shoes from Daffy’s. I swear 3 is a magic number around here…

How cute is she tottering around in those open-toed sandals? If you’re 14 months and wobble like that you’re adorable; if you’re my age and wobble like that you’d be called drunk. Here’s a close-up of that delicious skin inside the third pair of shoes:


  1. Mona P

    Your niece is such a cutie!

  2. saks4me

    Your niece is TOO cute! Love how she is following in her auntie’s footsteps… literally!

  3. Yeecin

    How many chanels do you have? hoho

  4. jelita78

    oh she’s adorable!!
    i’m referring to your niece, of course..
    and u woman, need spanking!
    u tempt me too much with the loubutin’s wedges..
    and now this???
    or am i really tempted by the chanel flap?

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