FWTWYL: Look 8

Commencement day sets the backdrop for today’s Fifty Ways To Wear Your Lover series.

There are about 900 students in Z’s graduating class…

so it only makes sense to hold commencement on the football field to accommodate all the graduates and their proud friends and family:

Do you remember your own high school graduation? I actually remember the hum of the senior activities leading up to commencement more, and by the time graduation took place, it was just a blur. But I love all the pomp and circumstance of graduation as a way to acknowledge a big milestone. And for some reason, whenever there’s an outdoors ceremony, a beach ball always makes an appearance to break up the formality…

…until some teacher comes by to confiscate it…boooo:

Here are shots of my Z finally walking across the field for her diploma…

We’re so proud of you Z!

Look 8: Young Fabulous & Broke linen jumpsuit, Dior patent wedges, GAP open cardigan, and black jumbo classic flap.


  1. larkie

    ^ya that black jumbo flap was one of the last bags i got…no idea why it took me so long to get one when it is a total classic!! I m glad you finally took yours out 😀

  2. Yeecin

    You look fab and we have the same jumbo!:) It is so beautiful! I took her out yesterday first time since I got her a month ago, I was so happy!:) dont think I can live without her now. The bag is just simply classic!

  3. larkie

    ^lol, i think you’re just dazed by the bag. i know i always am!!

  4. jelita78

    stop stealing the limelight!
    i hate to admit it, but i think u’re gonna have a hard time not to shimmer.
    larkie, u look fabulous!!

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