This is wrong, isn’t it, unless there’s a Christian Louboutin canopy over my front door? But if you know me, you would know that twice a year, when sale season kicks into high gear, I “sometimes” (cough, cough) get a few favorite pieces in a variety of colors and then have to edit them down to the final keepers.

For some reason, this whole season I’ve been fixated on this Almeria style and truth be told, there are two other colors missing from the above picture, namely blue and black. I might have even seen a different shade of brown from the pair I have, but I only chased after these three.

So…it’s still wrong, right, to want to keep all three pairs? Here’s my reasoning (you say rationalizing, I say reasoning)… Espadrille wedges come back in style every few years so they’re technically “classic” buys. This style has lots of leather on the heels which to me is nicer than the usual espadrilles. And finally, at 40 off, the price is downright decent for Loubs.

No? Not convinced? How about if I submit these photo in my defense?

What say you? Which color would you pick for me?


  1. larkie

    awesome Jess!! those grey ones are super hard to find these days!!

  2. jess

    Larkie, i wanted to let you know that I spotted grey almerias in my size and i thought of your lovely photos and how well they would match my grey chanel camera case and i bought them! 😀

  3. Yeecin

    I got the black jumbo caviar leather with SHW. I couldn’t decide whether I should go for SHW or GHW. I just thought gold would be nice on a 2.55, I dunno. Maybe next time, I will go for the SHW, I actually went in to get the GST in SHW but it turned out to be a little bit smaller than I thought and a little bit more mature as well, I just preferred the jumbo flap straight away:) I got those clip to shorten the chain so I can use as one should handbag as well, 3 ways to wear a bag sound really cool to me:)

  4. larkie

    @Yeecin: lol, i’m as good at enabling people as at getting enabled. which jumbo flap did you get? that’s the other thing, i love my bags but i love hearing about other people’s bags even more!!

  5. Yeecin

    I’d choose the grey->red->brown

    But brown and red match better with the chanel bags:) I am not really helpful I know.
    Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’ve been reading your blog for sooooo long, I love your blog, you have a talent with words and fashion:)
    I just got my first classic jumbo flap I think your blog is my enabler!

  6. larkie

    wow those Almerias are wild in leopard!! wouldn’t they be gorgy in crocodile!

  7. Eunice

    Definitely all three! The colors match perfectly. Keep them!

  8. larkie

    ^haha i knew i’d find enablers here!

  9. jelita78

    darnnn u’re so good at reasoning!
    i would keep them all !!

  10. larkie

    oh right, i forgot to mention not all colors are included in the sale, which means this style will continue for a while…fingers crossed. i’d love it if CL would release it in olive green 😉

  11. ognaed

    I found one in light brown at neiman online, but it’s not on sale.. I see that color in so many celebs. Maybe it’s a classic color ?

  12. larkie

    they are on sale at most of the department stores (Nordstrom, Barneys, etc.)–I don’t know if the Louboutin boutique has them on sale yet though. Hope that helps!

  13. ognaed

    May I know where exactly did you get these Almeria wedges for sale ?

  14. Maria

    all of them…..and I agree that they are classic…..and just a perfect match for those chanel handbags……

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