Tornadoes Under Glass

In Texas we used to have tornado drills at school. The alarm would go off and we’d all have to get into position under designated structures with our hands over our heads. Luckily I’ve never experienced one in real life, and I traded tornadoes for earthquakes when I moved to California. The fascination for natural disasters, however, remains.

There is an interesting exhibit at the sparkling new shopping center (Crystals at CityCenter) in Las Vegas that captures tornadoes under glass, in their various states of formation. Not all of the high-end boutiques have opened yet, but even when they do, I think watching a tornado in a jar is so much safer than wandering into Fendi or Vuitton…

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  1. jelita78

    oh that is sooo cute..
    it’s amazing how lovely it may actually look when put it this way, huh? hehe

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