FWTWYL: Look 5

I am counting days for Spring to turn into Summer so I can finally put the allergies behind me. This has been a really rough first half of the year and I can’t wait to be 110% so I can hit the road again. Right now I’m operating at 89% on good days. Very frustrating.

Today I’m spinning this series around to show how I could carry my latest gadget, a netbook, inside the Chanel classic jumbo flap. My MacBook Air is already pretty small but its battery life is barely enough for me to finish a complete paragraph, so when a great sale struck last week I couldn’t resist getting an even smaller computer that’s more portable and has a longer lasting battery. For 1/10th of the cost of my mac, I have a “mini” PC that fits in my bag! Hello luvah!


  1. Mia

    How big is your Macbook air?
    It looks like a little bit thick.
    I have macbook 12 inch, does it fit into Jumbo?
    Because I tried Maxi and it looks strange on my body… Way too huge.
    Please give me an enlightenment…
    Looking forward for your reply…
    Thank you very much!

  2. larkie

    well, the only prob is, once my netbook is in the jumbo i can only fit my phone and a lipgloss. lol!

  3. jelita78

    are u serious???
    jumbo flap and macbook??
    i wonder if my hubby agrees to me having chanel jumbo as my laptop bag.. bwahahha

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