FITMSO: The Leather Jacket

During my first year of law school I had a section-mate who was an older student. He was in this late 30s when we were all mostly in our 20s. He had a Harley and wore clothes befitting someone who would own a hog. We had nothing in common except for the afternoon rides up the winding, narrow hills behind the school and sometimes Mulholland Drive. It was a fun way to break up the monotony of studying. I’ve never learned to ride a motorcycle myself, but my favorite travel memories are usually of seeing countrysides, mountainsides, alleys, freeways and just everyday traffic from the back of one. I think it’s a little about the danger, a lot about the speed, and mostly about the thrill of putting your life into someone else’s hands. For this control freak, it’s a great release to not be in control. (Sidebar to my parents who may be freaking out if not surprised as they read today’s entry: I always wore a helmet).

Anyway, I don’t really do the whole rocker chic thing in my real life. It’s mostly just in my head, but I do love leather jackets, especially the motorcycle style. I’ve never met a cow I wanted to eat but do have more leather jackets than anyone in her right mind should, yet I am still lusting after a grey Balenciaga motorcycle one…for years now. Can’t find it anywhere but it’s still on my fashion bucket list. This season I’m lucky that so many designers have embraced the motorcycle vibe in their collections, and I’d like to FIMTSO a couple today.

Test Item: Banana Republic nubuck moto jacket in a stone color and the recently released red Zac Posen one for Target.

Look 1: the idea of this look should probably have stayed in my head because i’m not sure how i feel after i see it in the pic, but here is the BR jacket over an M Missoni dress and Dior patent slides.

Look 2: The Zac Posen version is a better fit on me, and I’m pairing it with an Alberta Ferretti LBT (Lil Black Top which we gals–and by gals I mean me–can’t seem to stop collecting), black theory slim flood pants, and crocodile Prada mules. Remember what I said above about cows? The same applies to reptiles!

Look 3: This is probably how you would find me on weekends with the Zac jacket over a Chanel tank, Exhilaration skinny jeans in an extra dirty rinse, and the same Dior slides in Look 1.

I really want to do at least 4 looks per FITMSO episode but I’m having one of those days where I just feel fashion-blocked. Give me a rain check and I’ll see if I can’t FIMTSO this test item again later this week, esp the Banana jacket whose color I am still swooning over.


  1. larkie

    hmmm yes green is challenging, but i think i have a way to work green into the next fimtso episode 😉

  2. jelita78

    dear, do u have anything green?
    can u do FITMSO whatever green?
    this is the colour i don’t think i can walk away gorgeously with, yet, i’d really love to try!

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