I am still a mess from juggling medications to battle my allergies. We are already into the month of May and my symptoms have not abated any. The worst part of all is the frequency of nosebleeds prompted by severe sneezing. Right, TMI. But see that photo above? That beautiful blue-skied vista is why we Angelenos put up with the smog, pollen, and a million other allergens.

The weather was so gorgeous that I joined my stray outside and did a little gardening over the weekend…

I am still paying for this lapse of judgment today. I should have taken the cue from my cat Shifu and just enjoyed the view from the window. I shouldn’t be allowed outside till allergies season is over.

Hopefully I’ll be out of my fog tomorrow and I can FIMTSO one of my favorite fashions items ever.


  1. larkie

    i’ve tried everything! claritin is the only one that allows me to “function” during the day. i tried zyrtec and felt like i got hit by a mac truck. lol. i just can’t believe that allergies season lasts this long??

  2. mtview

    What allergy drug are you on right now? I find that I have to keep switching between allegra and zyrtec to stop the sneezing fits. Claritin doesn’t work for me. Also when it is really bad I will do sinus flushes.

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