FIMTSO: The Green Accessory

A reader suggested that I FIMTSO something green, and I thought hmmm, that’s a random color. Then I peeked inside my closet, and lo and behold, I actually have a whole green section in there! From shirts (mostly courtesy of Etro)…

to shoes….

to outerwear to handbags…oops, I forgot to take the tissue paper out of the bag for this photo, but I have to stuff these pythons like that while storing them.

In fact, I seem to have a prolific green safari/army bunch going in the outerwear section of my closet, but I rarely ever, almost never, wear green. I think, like most people, I just like looking at the color green but can’t quite make it work with my skin tone. Yet her request intrigued me…then it dawned on me. Why not wear green as an accessory instead of an item of clothing? We should be able to FIMTSO accessories, too, right?!

Test Item: pear green python Desmo hobo bag. I am almost certain I bought this bag because it weighs less than air.

Look 1: The easiest trick in the world to wear an unusual color is to pair it with black. So here is the green bag with a theory stretch linen strapless sundress and the Chanel Aloha sandals. I said it before but I will live in these sandals this summer!

Look 2
: The second easiest trick in the world to wear an unusual color is to pair it with white. I think you see where I’m going with my tone-on-tone palettes! This time the bag is paired with white denims, white Chanel tank, and a GAP dark rinse denim jacket. I know I seem to have Chanel separates up the wazoo, but if you look closely, they are usually very basic pieces that will not go out of style. Ever. And even if they did, I would still wear them until I can amortize them to death!

Look 3: But where is the creativity if I can’t get outside of my comfort zone of black and white? So here is the bag with J Crew light taupe linen pants and Tory Burch brown print lawn cotton shirt. I love wearing sneakers with linen pants so I’m throwing into this mix a pair of dark chocolate leather Converse. I think all I’m missing are a Panama hat and a mint julep.

All right, readers. Who’s got another challenge for me?


  1. jelita78

    u have two green pants??
    TWO ???
    **me almost faint**
    oh u just GOT to do a FWTWYL about it !!!

  2. larkie

    lisa: you got yourself a deal. i will take you up on that challenge for the next fimtso!

  3. larkie

    ^ it’s worse–i even have 2 pairs of green pants!!

  4. jelita78

    oh, another shout out = I CAN’T BELIEVE U ACTUALLY HAVE A GREEN SHOE TOO!!
    wonder what you’ll be wearing that with!

  5. Lisa

    The FIMTSO challenges are so fun, and I like seeing the converse worked in new ways. How about a “running errands on a rainy day” outfit challenge? I’m always looking for more ways to be pulled together, comfortable enough to load shopping bags into my car, AND rainproof!

  6. jelita78

    i knew it!
    u never ever featured green in your ‘fashion’ entries before but yet you almost living in the forest there!
    u never failed to amaze me!!

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