Fashion Economics 101

We’re just days away from Memorial Day (May 31 to be exact) and all you fashionistas know what that means here in this country, right? Yep, the summer sale is about to break! So the last week I’ve been emailing, texting, and even calling my favorite stores with my wish list to see if I could get a jump on any goodies. I sounded so congested (read: sick) on the phone that I think it worked to my advantage. They really wanted to cheer me up with the usual suspects–Chanel, Missoni, Louboutin–and retail therapy is much better than any prescribed drug. It’s also no secret that a good couture sale is like your wedding day. You can be hungover, sick, exhausted, or just not feeling it, but you still have to do it. And hey, when the sale associate calls to say that she has your “dream” shoes at 60% off, do you want to sleep or do you try to fake looking human, drive cross-town, suppress your cough attacks, and drag your almost lifeless body up the stairs to get to the shoe department on the second floor? But enough about my experience at the winter sale earlier this year.

I’ve written about how tough the shopping has been this year with lower inventory across the board at all upscale stores. Given the lower supply, the demand has been that much more competitive, especially when you wear tiny sizes, which stores don’t seem to buy a lot of in general anyway. It’s a good business strategy, fashion economics 101 as it were. But that’s rough news for us fashionistas in rehab to be recessionistas.

I’m crossing my fingers that some must-haves from my wish list will be found on sale and if so, I’ll post pics here. The thrill of the chase is definitely fun for a fashion hunter like me, but because it’s been such a tough season, I think the reward will be sweeter than before. I love me a good chase!

Wait, what did you say? Oh, that pic at the top? No, not a sale item, unfortunately, but it’s the Balenciaga motorcycle bracelet in anthracite. It reminded me of an elephant I rode in Thailand and I couldn’t resist.

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  1. jelita78

    indeed.. well said!
    nobody knows better about fashion economics rather than our DR. Larkie.. thee hee hee

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