Team Lysacek or Team Plushenko

The Vancouver winter Olympics this year is practically in my backyard (well, it’s on the west coast) but NBC is still doing tape delay in my time zone. So it’s been tough to stay off the internet in order to watch the events before the results are released everywhere. What’s tougher is watching some of the events start after 10pm on TV when I know they have already finished in real time. It’s frustrating to not be able to watch a sporting event live, but no doubt I am fixated on all of the skating events, from short track to figure skating.

Ice skating has traditionally been fueled with politics, and the recently revised scoring system doesn’t seem to have tempered the tension at all. From the old battles of the cold war to the fighting words of the new war between the two camps, whether you are Team Lysacek or Team Plushenko, the world of figure skating has not changed much. But that’s part of the hassle of watching this great sport. So many drama kings and queens in the mix…and I’m just talking about the commentators, coaches, and judges. As a fan I have to filter out all the noise and just enjoy the skating because, all trash talking aside, there’s been some fantastic skating so far.The focus should just be on the athletes. I can’t wait to watch the next few ice dancing competitions. Imagine all the drama, fashion, and tension that have to unfold on top of the ballroom dancing on ice blades. What’s more entertaining than that!

If I could be anyone for one day it might be designer Vera Wang. I’d offer my services to outfit all of the Olympian skaters and not just Lysacek. BTW, did anyone notice the encrusted snakes on Lysacek’s costume in his long program? She had released that same wrap-around snake as a necklace a season or two ago, which I wasn’t able to score. So if I were Vera for a day I could snag that necklace for myself and crank out a couple of outfits for the pairs teams as well!

Well, I’m going back to the Tivo to see what else NBC aired around 2am…most likely the medal ceremonies. Is it just me or do you also wish the athletes knew the words to their national anthems? I think if I were on the podium I’d be bawling while howling the anthem. It’s probably a good thing I’m not an Olympian. Anyway, I think the best way to see the Olympics is to brush out the old passport. Sochi, see you in 2014.


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