Any Hardware Would Do

Well, I wasn’t disappointed. It was well past midnight by the time they showed the medal ceremony for the ice dancing competition but it was worth putting off sleep. I would have given out three gold medals last night. The competition was that good. But in the end, the right teams were on the podium without any controversy. And I loved it that the Canadian gold medalists were belting out their anthem along with the entire audience. That’s what I call an Olympics moment.

So OK, yesterday I said I wanted to be Vera Wang for a day. Today I think I’d rather be an Olympian ice dancer, with a super cute Vera Wang designed costume instead of my puffy parka below when I hit the ice in Belgium–

My favorite outfit from the entire competition was the open-back red dress Russian Oksana Domnina wore for the compulsory dance. Heck, if I looked like her in that dress I would have worn it off the ice, to dinner, to the dentist. Maybe I’d just sit around the house in it.  And if I were an Olympian, I think any hardware would do; I’m not difficult (famous last words)!

Tonight the ladies’ figure skating competition begins so I guess more late nights are ahead of me. But tomorrow, let’s go back to FIMTSO. And if you have any particular item you’d like to see as a test item for this series, do email me or leave a comment.


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