I’ll Be Back

By the time I reach this bronze fellow, I can see that he’s gazing out toward the Palacio Real de Madrid (Royal Palace). I’m hustling to get to the palace before sunset but am already seriously lagging behind the sun by the time I reach the huge Catedral de la Almudena that’s on my way:

The church couldn’t have come at a better time as my hands are freezing and I need yet another place to thaw. So as much as I’d like to skip ahead to the palace, I skip up the dramatic stairs to the cathedral’s courtyard instead…

though I have to linger a bit outside still to imagine what it must have been like here, on these very steps, back in 2004 when Prince Felipe and his new bride Letizia waved to the crowds after their wedding.

The interior of the church is Neo-Gothic in style, and I am charmed mostly by the stained glass windows that resemble Pop-art:

From the very far end of the church,

I am able to grasp just how elegantly exquisite this cathedral is:

It is not overly ornate; rather, for a church of its size and importance, it is quite subtle in its effortless polish, daring you to look closer for all the special details…

All the street lights are on by the time I leave the Almudena Cathedral,

and I’ve definitely missed the last entry to the palace tour…

so I mill about for whatever shots I can take of the grounds:

But no worries, I’ll be back…


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