A Square In The Shape Of A Rectangle

Behind the arch in yesterday’s last photo is the famous Plaza Mayor, a large public square in the shape of a rectangle, measuring 129m x 94m, in the middle of Madrid’s historic center:

Surrounding the square are three-story residences with some 237 balconies facing the square. There are 9 entrances into the square:

The first photo in today’s entry is of the facade of the Casa de la Panadería (bakery), which has survived all 3 of the Plaza’s fires and numerous reconstructions. It now serves as a municipal office. The Plaza itself has hosted everything from public executions to bullfights. But today, during my visit, all I see are kids being entertained by street vendors:

Through one of the Plaza Mayor’s gateways, I run into the trendy Mercardo de San Miguel,

which turns out to be the perfect place to warm my hands and tempt my senses:

Cozy, long bars make the perfect place for snacks and drinks with friends:

Speaking of bars…

…so I stumble, ahem, walk down Calle Mayor from the market,

soaking up beautiful Spanish real estate at every turn:

But the nicest digs of all are still to come–I’ll show you tomorrow.


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