Look 7

So here we are, on our seventh and last look of this series. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading the last 7 entries as I’ve had in pulling them together. You should know I am writing this just 18 hours before my first flight out of LA. I know mostly what awaits me on this trip, but the thing is, plans on a trip this long usually play out to only 40% of what was anticipated. Luckily, the best memories are made in the remaining unexpected 60%.

Anyway, to commemorate the final look I thought I’d feature something festive. See you in real time at the next entry!

Look 7: JCrew Gypsy Rose metallic top, black Banana Republic cashmere cardigan, Chanel silvery gold “Leo” flap.


  1. Limo Hire

    Wow…It’s looks really beautiful….I really like it very much. I like very much your way of presentation.. I got more useful information on this blog.. Thanks to sharing the useful information….

  2. Anonymous

    I love this look very much. Chic and elegant.

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