Look 6

Because I live in a very mild climate, the trickiest item for me to pack is outerwear. How do I gauge how thick of a jacket I should bring when in LA we drag out our furs when the weather dips below 70F? Of course we wear fur with open-toe sandals, but that’s southern Cal for you. But when in doubt, I try to squeeze in 2 or 5 (ugh) jackets and see what happens.

Look 6: Gucci 08A runway jacket with astrakhan lamb collar.  When I got this jacket, the mental photograph in my head was of myself in Red Square with this jacket on over black jodphurs and some killer boots.  Well, it was either that or somewhere on bare horseback in Ulan Bator, with a fabulous Mongolian fur trapper hat.  You know…me and my peeps, the nomads.


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