Belgian Churros

So I’ve been talking about Bruges the last couple of days but did not mention the look I pulled together for my visit. It’s actually Look 4 built on top of a Jcrew grey tank and Banana Republic camisole…

then layered with the cashmere muffler, ski jacket, and goofy shearling trapper hat:

The fur lined Hogan boots have been my lifesaver against the cold. In my down time here I’ve been googling this slight inflammation (and by slight I mean my right hand is almost double the size of my left hand) I’m suffering from the cold. I think I have something similar to Cold Urticaria but I won’t know for sure till I can see a doctor. I knew I should have gone to med school…well no, med school is dangerous for hypochondriacs so maybe fashion or film school…but I digress.

Anyway, after these few Christmas markets in Belgium, I can say the best thing about them is eating junk food washed down by warm wine. I dare say I am getting a bit complacent with the gaufres so in Bruges I am happy to try a new stand of other sweet fried things:

I’ve long been a fan of the Mexican churros so I figure I have to give the Belgian churros a shot. And here is how they are made fresh upon order:

And here is how they make my day:

That hat is a complete disaster, am I right? But warm ears make a happy head.

Right next door to this stand is a “maxi pita” stand, and out of the corner of my eye I have to take a double take. Look through the small window behind the stack of still steaming fresh baked bread:

and you see the gorgeous building in the Grand Place…

this one, I think…

I’m signing off from Bruges. See you in the next town.


  1. larkie

    hi Q, happy 2010 to you too!! that is a matte black large cam bag. i do like the metallic black as well though for the large size i think i’d prefer it in matte, only b/c i like my metallic bags in small dosages! but either way you can’t go wrong. hands down the cam bag is a very user-friendly style when you need lots of room.

  2. Quinn

    Hi L,

    Happy New Years! You look so great with your camera bag. I was wondering if that is the matte or metallic black? What do you think of the metallic black camera bag? I don’t know if I should buy the metallic black or not? Thanks in advance for any advice you might give me.

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