How Is It Possible To See It All

When I was a small child I hated taking afternoon naps because I didn’t want to miss out on anything that was happening around me while I slept. This feeling is particularly strong when I’m out there on the road. Especially in a vibrant place like the historic center of Bruges. A million doors are closed to me here just as in all the other towns I’ve visited,

yet I know lives are happening behind every single door, and I wonder how it is possible to see it all. Every door beckons me inside;

every unknown road,

blind alley,

and secret garden call my name;

even interesting multifunctional, literal holes in the wall

challenge me to come in for a closer look:

And I happily oblige because particularly here in Bruges, there are tons of photo ops for all those close up shots…

even if it really takes a wide angle view to take in the heart of the city:

Hmmm, and I still haven’t gotten to the food and fashion bits about Bruges yet. Let’s do that tomorrow.


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