Please Keep Fashion A Happy Fantasyland

I sure hope they stop adding more pieces to the Stella McCartney for GapKids collection because if I keep talking about them you will think I work for her or the GAP. And neither is true. 

From the recent loot I kept a couple…three…okay, four items, but today the last two cardigans arrived and I was very happy with the quality for the price point. Sizing is a bit all over the place though; this short sleeved one that I ordered in XL is oversized,


while the long-sleeved zipped up version in XL is snug:


The cable knit and exaggerated collar are very reminiscent of some Chloe (which Stella headed for some years) pieces from years past.  I have to say the colors are somber for kidswear but just adult enough for me! Granted it’s mass produced, but details such as the tonal  grosgrain ribbon trims and secret pockets lined with pretty fabric…


just make me happy. I’ve left the GAP for JCrew for a few years now, but this collaboration with Stella has definitely renewed my interest.

Since we’re talking a little about fashion today, I have to relate a story and get something off my chest. I popped into a boutique this afternoon to pick up my alterations. While I was trying on the dress for a second fitting, I overheard the manager of the department berate my sales associate E, who, at least to me, is one of the most polite and elegant women I know. We’ve spoken often about living in Paris, where she’s from, and we share a common love for couture. Not couture in the way the word is used in today’s vernacular, but couture in the historical sense befitting of its art.

Anyhow, back to the psycho manager. She was loudly telling…no, commanding E to call a customer and close a sale before the item got marked down.   Even with the door closed I could feel E’s discomfort.  She’s old school and one does not push sales like that…at least not for luxury items. A hard sale may work on used car lots but in a designer salon, not so much.  I cringed. I realize in this recession retail is a nightmare, and it’s survival of the fittest out there, but does this mean common decency also has to go by the wayside? 

So there I sat in the dressing room, waiting for the storm to blow over before I could get out. I knew E knew I heard everything, but we said nothing to each other. A quick hug and I left the store in a rush. 

I’ve had bad days at the office and have been guilty of chewing out people. But at least not in front of clients. So word to the wise out there who want to coax customers back inside their stores…please keep fashion a happy fantasyland. It’s ugly enough out in the real world.


  1. larkie

    i think anything with tight armholes will eventually not get used; it’s very uncomfortable! if the price on ebay isn’t super bad i’d consider it. have you also checked out the other stores as this kind of band jacket is having a moment right now, and i’ve seen some cute alternatives around.

  2. mscawaii

    This recession has really been hard on retails stores and in turn their managers. But what to do except to hope that 2010 would be better…

    Back to fashion, I like the GapKids stuff! I loved your band jacket so much that I finally made it down to my local Gap today. Unfortunately, I was a step too late, literally. The lady before me reserved the last 2 jackets sized XXL. I am so devastated that I think I might pick it up from *bay. But the prices are really inflated. 🙁 I could get into the XL but the armholes feel slightly too tight, I can still button it up. Do think I should get the XL from the store or the XXL from *bay??
    I did leave with a pair for cashmere leggings though :p


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