Black Friday


Did you survive turkey day and Black Friday? I ate then re-ate the crab pasta (miến xào cua), which I have to say was pretty tasty…I’ll youtube the cooking instructions soon:


Tbe apple pie was also yummy enough for seconds and thirds:


There wasn’t really anything I needed this year that required getting up at 3am for the doorbuster sales, but since it’s tradition and all, we went to Target at 4am and got a hard drive, extra memory for my digicam, and another set of luggage. I wonder this every year if I shouldn’t invest in really good luggage and be done with it, but I can’t complain when my $34 luggage set (yes, I said $34 and set in the same sentence) gets beaten up on the road. Even the best of suitcases can’t take the pounding I’ve seen on my trips.  I know it’s all about the TVs and netbooks this holiday season, but I passed on the netbook since my mac is already pretty light and small.  $200 for another shiny gadget is so tempting but I’ll wait till next year when I can get an even better computer at that price…or whenever my mac dies on me.

So by 5.30am I’m already back in bed dreaming of CHANEL sales.  I woke up with an onset of a cold, though, and that’s why I haven’t been here till today. I blame it on the woman who sneezed on me as we reached for the suitcase set at the same time Friday morning! I’ve got to shake the symptoms before getting on the plane this week though. The last thing I need is to be quarrantined by customs officers.

All told, my Black Friday was quite uneventful…oh wait, I think I did sneak out to Saks on Friday to see if I could score any shoes, but in between coughing fits I only managed to find one pair of sandals for presale. I didn’t have any energy left to scour the rest of the store for more treats. 

Tomorrow let’s go back to where I left you in the desert.


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