We Don’t Need Halloween To See All The Freaks


So Halloween this year fell on a Saturday under a very full moon.  No costume party for me this time, which turned out to be a good thing because I’d been feeling sick all week, and by the time the weekend rolled around I was pooped…though I suppose I could have gone to a party dressed as a swine flu victim.

When I don’t feel well I try to do busy work to distract myself from my misery.  I’m here to tell you that plan never works.  What I did was reorganize my closet which was once a spare bedroom. Even bought new furniture to create more storage, but before the furniture could go in, I had to take everything out of there and cram them into my home office. So now while the furniture looks great in my closet, I am sitting here at my desk almost in a fetal position, typing this, buried under the mounds of clothes and what not. I don’t know what possessed me to think this was a good idea. It may take a whole week of uninterrupted concentration to clean up this mess.

Anyway, Halloween Saturday started early at geek central, aka Fry’s Electronics, since I’m in the market for a netbook. Beetlejuice didn’t help me…


but I was just comparison shopping anyway. And my next stop was at Best Buy. No costumed employees there but I think I know which netbook I want now.  A few more pit stops and it was time to refuel at a Vietnamese restaurant that specialized in dishes from Central VN (Huế). The best part was that I got to find a vegetarian bún bò Huế:


and a non-vegetarian bánh bèo (one of my all time fav snacks):


Vietnamese food tends to be quite salty, so I had to wash it down with a strawberry limeade from Sonic:


I know, you can take a girl out of Texas but you can’t really take Texas out of her. There’s a Sonic practically on every block in Dallas but here, I had to go all the way to Anaheim to find one! Anyhow, by 6pm I was back home  and an hour later I was off to see the LA Clippers play the Dallas Mavs.

LA Live is a sports-entertainment complex playing a key role in reviving downtown LA.  The Lakers, Clippers, and Kings play at the STAPLES Center,


and within this campus there are venues like the Nokia Theater/Plaza,


ESPN zone, Grammy Museum, and a bunch of restaurants:


Given that it was a Halloween Saturday and the Clippers playing (sorry guys), the arena was only about 40% full. But it was a pretty good game and  at least during half time, the entertainment was an enjoyable  group performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller


While I was enjoying my typical junk food fare,


I got to see Dracula,


and a bunch of people dressed as pimps and wenches. Oh wait, they weren’t in costume. 

The Clippers tried hard but they also went down like the Lakers the night before.  And by the time we all went outside, there were quite a few people, definitely in costume, at the Nokia Plaza:



But c’mon, this is LA. We don’t need Halloween to see all the freaks.  And maybe next Halloween I can dress up in a Clipper uniform and they’ll let me play.


PS: this is a new feature I’ll try to incorporate into my entries because some of you have asked me to talk more about fashion, particularly working the ODJs (outfit du jour)  into the story. So what was I wearing today on my day off?  JCrew sherpa hoodie, Marni tank, Mossimo green khakis, Balenciaga leather bracelet, navy leather Converse sneakers, and Chanel grey camera bag:


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