Wanderlust Always Leaves You Craving More


I was being sarcastic yesterday when I said that VyÅ¡ehrad is a stepstister castle. In fact, this fortified settlement was once the royal residence until Prague Castle was constructed. Legend has it that its fair princess had premonitions of the future glory of Prague from her seat at Vysehrad. Today, it is an easy walk to cover the fortress–especially compared to the enormous grounds of Prague Castle–in park-like settings.


You can see most of the area between the Leopold Gate


and the Brick/Prague Gate in a couple of hours, even with some loitering:



One of the key structures here is the Church of Saints Peter & Paul. It’s not  so big as it is tall…almost impossible to get a picture of the entire church even from the other side of  the street. The sun is preparing to call it quits for the day by the time I get here, so I’m able to catch the church facade in various colors…


Remember what I said about Prague being a land of spires?


Another significant stop on these grounds is Vyšehrad Cemetery, where many famous Czechs are buried, including noted composer Antonín Dvořák.


Tonight’s meal will be my last dinner in Prague. I feel like I’ve eaten tons but still hungry, seen a lot yet not enough. I suppose wanderlust always leaves you craving more, whatever it is that you’re looking for.  Tomorrow to wrap up the Prague visit,  I’ll post photos from Charles Bridge, seen at various times of the day. For now, I’m debating where I should find my last Czech supper…perhaps somewhere around here,


where I can enjoy this lunary view of Prague Castle…


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