Nothing’s Gonna Change My World


Now where were we before I went off-topic about the furkids? Oh yes, lunch in Prague.  I’m actually en route to the John Lennon wall when I spot the above sign for the restaurant. I’m famished but I want to see the wall first…


In a quiet corner just within whispers of the nearby, noisy Charles Bridge, the wall stands since the 1980s with graffiti quoting John Lennon lyrics or just idealistic thoughts.  It has been repainted many times, and each time, new graffiti would surface.



I’m not a Beatles fan but I am an ardent fan of Lennon’s lyrics, especially those from this song:  Across the Universe


Anyway, I find it appropriate to have a bite at the John & George Cafe:


It is very cozy inside (I suppose even prettier at night) and there’s a secret garden in the back for al fresco dining. I tell myself it’s probably a tourist trap with mediocre food, but now at 3pm I just want to sit down in a nice, quiet place to recharge.  Surprisingly the Thai pasta I order turns out to be one of the best meals on this trip!


The salmon pasta isn’t bad either:


I walk off lunch around the Old Town area, souvenir shopping…


and snacking–you know by now I can’t say no to mango sorbet, preferably in a waffle cone…


This is a cool gallery I come across but there’s no time…


because I’m going to the “stepsister” castle next.  One parting shot for my family:


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